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For partners

Today company our "OOO TD Posolstvo Vkusnoy Edy" produces 1,500 tons of products per month. In our assortment is about 40 items, but since the first quarter of 2018, the Arsenal are replenished with sugar cookies of several types.

Our mission:

         To produce high-quality, natural, safe product which will satisfy the needs of any consumer

         To make with great sense of everything what we do

         To be a successful company with commensurate cost price growth, profitability and strong brands

Our goal:

To produce high quality products and all-natural domestic raw materials, while retaining a commitment to traditional recipes.

Be in short, we love what we do!

We are all unlike each other, but there are things that unite us, which we follow in our lives. These are our common values: professionalism, leadership, honesty, efficiency, quality.

Therefore, tere is a very low staff turnover.

The company's strategy is based on stable growth. Only development will help us to achieve long-term plans, allowing the company to flourish and grow.

The strongest sides of the company include stability and development.

Due to the chosen strategy we are a successful company for the production of bread-bagels, bakery, confectionery and snack group. Our products are loved and respected not only in Russia but also abroad.

The main key rule is to look for potential everywhere.

Some striking examples:

* the range of the made goods contains more than 40 positions. We are trying to anticipate the tastes of consumers and thus satisfy their desires

*  thanks for distribution to Moscow is presented in 56 regions of Russia, and also in the CIS countries, the USA, China

*  every quarter we launch a new product, responding to the needs of the buyer

Our employees is our pride!

Of course, it is very important to have highly qualified specialists involved in the production of the product. But there is one important detail, a competitive advantage, if you want: our employees are hardworking, interested people who are devoted to their work! After all, the one who loves his job-creates the best!

Excellent technique-excellent opportunities!

We have a modern-equipped workshops and we are constantly improving their technology. For anybody not a secret that the proper functioning and development of production is impossible in the absence of appropriate technological base.

We care about the stable development of production!, because, we have all the opportunities and necessary resources. Our product range is constantly growing now and will grow in the future. 

Here some videos about the choice of  consumers

We are open to dialogue. Join us!

If you want to buy our products or just want to become our official regional dealer - you are welcome!

With respect to your choice!

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