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About us

We produce and realize dry baked goods such as: sushki (bagels),  baranki (soft bagles like muffins),  crumbs, snacks and sugar cookies.

Our company is relatively young and rapidly developing. There is friendly and professional staff, which consists of 462 employers.


Our history

2002 year 

We started the first line. It was the line of  sushka's manufacture, which is working nowadays.

2003 year 

The second line of sushka's production  was installed. At that time the assortment was presented only by classical sushka, sushka Chelnochek, vanilla sushka & sushka with poppy seeds. Of course, the lines have been modernized and since 2010 their capacity has increased up to 100 tons per month.

2005 year

There was established the production of  crumbs, which are still produced according to the classic recipe. Our crumbs have delightful characteristics and the quality is loved  by consumers and experts not only in Rissia, but in forieng contries too.

In 2011 year were built  new workshops, warehouses and a new office building for the more comfortable accommodation of employees.

One of the representative card of our company is sushka-mini. Since 2012, two production lines have been launched. This product is especially popular among residents of the Krasnodar territory.

Everytime we expand our capabilities and move forward, that is why, in 2013 year  we started to produce baranki (soft bagles).

2014 year -  We adapted the equipment again and our production capacity of sushki's production has increased  up to 100 tons per month from one line.

2015 year - We built two new warehouse &  launched  production line of snacks (rings and pretzels).



We continue to improve the quality of our products, reduce costs, improve the quality of service to our customers and expand not only business relations with partners, but also began to conduct social projects.

Employees of our company show corporative and social responsibility, and the company, of course,  focuses on that.

The Founder of company among all employees try to develop and  to inculcate the habit to respect and to be dedication, to make high responsibility and to respect for a manufactured product.

Over the past 15 years, the company has come a long way of formation and currently operate eight production lines. And this is only the beginning!

All products are manufactured on modern automated russian equipment 

   We love what we do!

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