Sushka "Posolskaya sugar-glazed"

Sushka "Posolskaya sugar-glazed"

GOST 32124-2013

wheat flour, sugar, margarine, water, E471, acidity regulator - citric acid, edible poppy seeds, sunflower oil, pressed bakery yeast, salt.

Nutritional value:

proteins - 9 g.;

fats - 6,5 g.;

Carbohydrates - 12 g.

calorie / energy value - 370ккал/1550 кДж .

Net weight:

200 g

Сondition of storage:

25 pc.

Usable: 120 days

Сondition of storage:

temperature no higher than 25 º C, relative humidity 65-75%

The date of manufacture and packaging is shown on the back of the package.

Bar code on box: 4607041232672

Bar code on pack: 14607041232679