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Manufacture of sushka & baranka, rusks, snacks and sugar cookies.

Rusks "Posolskie with raisins" large size weighting

Rusks "Posolskie with raisins" large size weighting
GOCT R 54645-2011

Usable: 90 days

Сondition of storage:

temperature is not more than 25 º C, relative humidity 65-75%


wheat flour, water, sugar, dried grapes, margarine, pressed bakery yeast, salt, egg powder.

The product may contain traces of peanuts, sesame, eggs.

Nutritional value:

proteins - 9 g.;

fats - 10 g.;

Carbohydrates - 75 g.

calorie / energy value - 430 kcal/1780 kJ .

Bar code on pack: 4607041231842 - for 3 kg; 4607041232344 - for 3,5 kg.