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Manufacture of sushka & baranka, rusks, snacks and sugar cookies.

Rusks "Posolskie with raisins & sugar" weighing

Rusks "Posolskie with raisins & sugar"  weighing
GOST R 54645-2011

Usable: 90 days

Сondition of storage:

temperature is not more than 25 º C, relative humidity 65-75%

The date of manufacture and packaging is shown on the box.


wheat flour, water, sugar, dried grapes, margarine, pressed bakery yeast, salt, egg powder.

The product may contain traces of peanuts, sesame, eggs.

Nutritional value:

proteins - 9 g.;

fats - 10 g.;

Carbohydrates - 81 g.

calorie / energy value - 450 kcal/1880 kJ .

Bar code on pack: 4607041232870 - for 3,5 kg; 4607041230678 - for 6 kg.